Artist Showcase

Looking for some new tunes? Check out some of the Artist below. They have helped me with growing exposure to my brand. So I would like to return the favor with this page and let you discover their music. Please share their links if you find something you like.

 Chaotic - Hardstyle
Miss Fits - Hardcore


DJ Jodi - Techno
Do or Die - Hardstyle/Rawstyle


Jo3trax - Open Format
Stetix - Rawstyle


Miggy - Tech House
Flytronic - Hardstyle / Hardcore/ House


Crime Family - Hardstyle
Damage Control - Hardcore


Kami - Hardstyle / Hardcore
Detonatorz - Rawstyle


Concept 370 - Techno Dohmar - Hardstyle


 Brizzy - Hardstyle La Plaga - Rawstyle